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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: CEOs value social networks for business growth according to Salesforce

UK CEOs believe social networks are key to growing their businesses and retaining employees according to a survey from

The cloud computing company reveals 74 per cent of CEOs find it important to use social networks to attract new customers and 61 per cent find it useful in interacting with their customer base and growing the business.

The study, conducted by Coleman-Parkes Research, found that while social media was seen as important, most companies had a fragmented approach to it. Only 11 per cent of respondents run their company’s social strategy across all departments, ownership fell to the marketing department for 40 per cent of companies, followed by IT for 28 per cent and HR for 20 per cent.

The survey also highlighted the perceived importance social media has in employee engagement, 75 per cent of businesses view social networks as important in attracting and retaining skilled workers. Speaking about the survey results, Steve Garnett, chairman EMEA of, said, “Businesses need to transform into social enterprises to revolutionise their relationship with customers, employees and partners.”

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