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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: CR:UK launch campaign on

Cancer Research UK (CR:UK) and the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) have launched a new campaign on

Targeted at GPs, the campaign – which is being funded by the Department of Health – is aiming to improve skin cancer diagnosis.

The campaign includes a toolkit designed to highlight ‘the key clinical signs that warrant prompt referral to skin cancer services under the two-week wait rule’.

Chris Lunn, health campaigns manager for CR:UK, said: “Detecting skin cancer early can greatly improve patient outcomes. However, this requires prompt recognition and referral of potentially malignant skin lesions by GPs, many of whom have extremely limited training in this area.

“ has created a comprehensive suite of online resources through which we can provide GPs with the practical online support and training they need to help them make the right decisions for patients with skin diseases.”