SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: EngageSciences automates social media nurturing

Social media marketing company EngageSciences has launched a platform to help marketers automate lead nurturing and demand generation when using social media.

The EngageSciences platform allows marketers to create campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and their own company website. It boasts lead nurturing abilities as it offers customers different promotions according to what they have previously interacted with.

The tool has been in beta since October 2010 and EngageSciences are using social media to promote the product. It collects advocate comments and gives businesses the option to display social media interactions with them – promoting real-time customer testimonials.

Richard Jones, CEO of EngageSciences, said, “We now know that independent visits to your website and interacting on social channels are the most important way B2B buyers do research, yet this is in stark contrast to the current set of B2B marketing automation vendors that rely on email to nurture prospects. With EngageSciences, marketers can now attract prospects on the social web with viral demand generation campaigns and nurture prospects on independent visits to your website and social channels, reducing the reliance on email, as well as find and amplify the voices of advocates to help drive conversions.”