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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Facebook creates advertising guide for SMEs

Facebook has launched a Guide to Facebook Ads - a central resource to help SMEs create successful campaigns and understand the different factors behind the ads process.

Facebook claims that there are 1.5 million local business pages on its site, with about 10,000 new local business pages created every day. The social networking site says it is keen to make sure companies with smaller marketing budgets get return on their investment.

The Guide to Facebook ads includes in-depth sections on areas such as advert creative, reach and targeting, cost and budgeting and billing. The guide also covers when and how to chose the appropriate ad type, payment type and scheduling, information about how to precisely reach potential customers, success stories from other advertisers and  best practice for creating and optimising ads.

Webinars and videos on creating Facebook ads will also be archived in the guide, which can be found by clicking ‘learn more' within Ads Manager.