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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Facebook delivers improved value for advertisers

A new report has found that Facebook can help advertisers make ‘considerable’ savings on their online marketing costs.

The ‘Q4 Global Facebook Advertising Report’, assembled by TBG Digital, tracks developing trends and changes in Facebook advertising and what these mean for the industry.

The report, based on 326 billion impressions across 205 countries, found a potential 45 per cent reduction in cost-per-click rates for advertisers using Facebook. It also revealed that Facebook earned 23 per cent more from its advertisers since Q1 2011 and advert click-through-rates improved by 18 per cent during 2011.

Simon Mansell, CEO of TBG Digital, commented: “The potential cost savings available by maintaining traffic within the Facebook environment is particularly compelling and demonstrates its effectiveness as an advertising channel and also as a ‘destination’, with more and more clients investing heavily in to their Facebook presence. With the reported introduction of mobile adverts early this year, the opportunities for advertisers will continue to grow and Facebook is cementing its position as an increasingly essential part of major brands’ advertising strategies.”

Read the full report.