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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Facebook launches Timeline for brands

Facebook has announced the beginning of its rollout of the Timeline for brand pages. A selection of organisations have been chosen to move across to the picture-based timeline profile that is already compulsory for standard user profiles.

The UK launch partners include Manchester United, Dove and Burberry. Other brands are invited to preview their pages so they can be prepared for the full roll out on 30 March.

Timeline for brand pages features similar functionality to user Timeline profiles, the cover photo stretches across the width of the page making it stand out much more than the old profile picture. As the name suggests, the entire page will become one long timeline charting the brands activity over the years or months its page has been active.

A new development comes in the form of ‘sticky’ posts; group owners will have the option of making a post stay at the top of the page for seven days. Facebook’s product director for ads, Gokul Rajaram said, “The goal is to make Pages more engaging and more social.”