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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Financial 'YouTube' launched by Thomson Reuters

Financial data company Thomson Reuters is launching what it calls ‘YouTube for the financial industry'.

The "Insider" video platform will be aimed at traders, hedge fund managers, brokers and research analysts and change "financial programming from a passive one-way broadcast into a highly collaborative and personalised medium."

"Traditional desktops are about the two-dimensional consumption of data whereas what this does is change the paradigm," said Stephen Wilson, Thomson Reuters' global head of exchange-traded instruments.

The Insider platform will aggregate videos produced by banks and asset managers and other financial services companies and also includes Thomson Reuters' own video content produced using its network of journalists, and financial analysts recently hired to provide specialist commentary.

One hundred and fifty external video providers, including Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan, and UBS have already signed up to Insider, which Thomson Reuters hopes will differentiate itself from its competitors such as Bloomberg.