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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Flora pro.activ engages via

Online portal Flora pro.activ, owned by consumer goods company Unilever, has chosen UK professional network, to run an educational and information programme targeting GPs across the country.

The initiative is designed to stimulate interest and encourage GPs to recommend products such as Flora pro.activ to patients as part of a healthy, balanced diet. It was launched after a study, conducted by the research arm of, medeConnect Healthcare Insight, revealed that 45 per cent of GPs did not understand the evidence surrounding the use of plant sterols to lower cholesterol.

The six-month programme is rolled out in two different stages. The first phase focuses on raising awareness on how plant sterols can help to lower cholesterol as part of a healthy lifestyle change. The second phase provides patient case studies to highlight the benefits of plant sterols, together with a quiz to test doctors’ understanding of the issue as a result of the campaign.

Julia Davies, from the Flora pro.activ brand team, said, “ provides a trusted channel of information for GPs, and one through which we can engage and educate them to help their patients actively manage cholesterol levels.”

Commenting on the initiative, Simon Grime, head of healthcare communications at, said, “The programme we have created for Unilever is highly topical and one that will really make a difference in helping GPs to understand the clinical evidence that supports the importance of plant sterols in clinical practice.”