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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Friends Reunited relaunches

Social networking pioneer Friends Reunited has relaunched with a new look and an emphasis on nostalgia and simplicity.

The site, once a social media giant, is aiming to differentiate its offering from larger rivals Facebook and Twitter by providing a focus on the past.

A press statement explained, "The new site will take you on a nostalgic journey through all of those "Remember when?" moments, using the power of iconic images.

"From heart-warming personal memories, to the national goose-bump moments we all experienced together, the new Friends Reunited encourages you to search for anything you can remember. You can find, collect and share the memories you love with the people that were there too".

The site’s owners have tried to remove the problems associated with privacy settings by offering a simple management option; users can either post publically or just to their friends.

Whether or not these changes will tempt people back to Friends Reunited is open for debate. As is the relevance it will have for marketers. But, as with any social media platform, it is difficult to predict likely uptake. Watch this space.