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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Greenlinkz launches first green social network

The first social media network for green business was launched at the beginning of March and is said to be "growing fast".

The US based Greenlinkz network – which will be promoting collaboration, education, and discussion related to sustainable business practice - aims to sign up one million users by the end of the year.

“Our growth is coming mostly through viral marketing and members inviting their peers,” says Kris Moorman, president of Greenlinkz.

Designed for ‘green business professionals’, the social network is part of the VerticalLinkz portfolio of websites, which facilitates collaboration and innovation between different industries through social media.

The Greenlinkz network includes many typical features of VerticalLinkz run social media such as social networking, industry-specific career services, industry media, new B2B trade models, industry marketplaces, and new corporate customer service models designed around ‘user communities’.

“With the explosion of online social networking, we need a focus on the B2B side and especially on sustainable business,” adds Moorman. “The site is about a business network for collaboration, education, and engaging in all types of discussion related to sustainable business practices.”

GreenLinkz hope their online community will create their own interactive content, bring forth ideas, innovation, research and resources in a way that has not yet happened in the area of green, sustainable business.

The network will include a career centre which will focus on the fastest growing job segment – green careers; bringing together both employers and employees, and providing insight on what is happening in this fast moving area.

“It is game-changing time for businesses, a time to come together and make a real impact in the way we do business, which impacts our world and our future,” says Moorman.


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