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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: IAS B2B snow map storms Twitter


Tweets describing the UK's snowy weather from IAS B2B's client services director and ‘golden twit' Jeremy Bramwell became a top meme on the social networking site the same day they were created.

Bramwell's ‘uksnow weather map' has been viewed 10,000 times on Twitpic and re-tweeted 287 times on Twitter.

The map has subsequently been used to promote IAS, with Bramwell pledging to battle through the elements and rescue any businesses with a B2B marketing emergency.

Otherwise known as ‘adventurebaby' on Twitter, Jeremy, who was recently shortlisted for three Golden Twit awards, said he couldn't resist the Twitter opportunity presented by the country's ‘deep freeze'.

Bramwell said: "My tweets are always a perfect blend of valuable insight, interactive connectivity and personal drivel! I thought it was about time that we stopped panicking, took things into perspective and had a bit of fun!"