SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: "It's not about social media anymore, it's about social business" says Psion

Psion, makers of rugged devices for commercial and industrial users has changed its game, says Jonathan Brayshaw, global leader of digital communications and social business.

Speaking at today’s annual B2B Marketing Conference, Brayshaw said that the company has reengineered the business model to focus on modularity, customisation, community and open innovation.

The new approach will enable Psion to increase its channels, products, manage research & development and present new market opportunities.

Ingenuityworking, is Psion’s B2B social community platform. Brayshaw said that the company’s community-led approach is helping them to engage with their audience. The site incorporates blogs, discussions, knowledgebase, downloads, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook portals, a customer support area, search, and groups for its 16,000 members.

Bradshaw said the social media site has been a success with over 80,000 visitors per month, “If you build a community you are immediately better at collaborations. It’s more about community for us – why? Because we’re building an audience…it’s our community.”

Bradshaw warned B2B marketers, “It’s easy to build an audience, but it’s even easier to lose them if you don’t keep them interested.”