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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Klout launches updated brand pages

Social significance rating platform Klout has announced it has launched updated brand pages, dubbed Brand Squads.

Still in beta format and debuting with Red Bull as exclusive launch partner, the new brand pages build significantly on Klout’s old brand pages which were similar to the pages individual users have.

Brand Squads however aim to give ‘influencers a place to be recognised and have a direct impact on the brands they care about most’.

David Temple, product manager at Klout posted a blog post announcing the development earlier today.

He said, “The Brand Squads product grew out of our own experience of engaging influencers for feedback and ideas. Our users have influenced Klout for the better, and we’d like to provide a platform for influencers to engage with all brands.

“With Brand Squads, you will see a dynamic list of top influencers for each brand, watch conversations flow across social media, monitor information about a brand’s recent developments, and earn access to special perks.”