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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Klout updates its social measures

Klout has changed the way it measures social media influence.

The social media measurement site has announced it will now look at over 400 variables as opposed to its former 100. Klout scores will now include more actions from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other networks, and for the first time incorporate Wikipedia as a signal.

Klout will now look beyond numbers of followers and put more weight on who follow you and how they engage with you. It also announced a new ‘moments’ feature that highlights a users’ most influential moment.

Joe Fernandez, founder and CEO of Klout, said, “We have increased the number of social media signals we analyze from less than 100 to more than 400. We have also increased the number of data points we analyse on a daily basis from 1 billion to 12 billion. All of this additional data helps us deliver a more accurate Score for everyone on Klout.”

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