SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Legal sector not engaging on social media

The legal sector is not using mainstream social media for engagement according to a survey commissioned by technology and content solutions provider LexisNexis and online legal directory Martindale-Hubbell.

The survey, of 110 law firms across the globe, revealed many legal firms have registered on social media sites but rarely use them. Aside from sector-specific channels, LinkedIn was the most popular with 77 per cent of firms on the professional network but many have simply registered a company page and are not engaging with other users.

Worldwide, North America is leading the way among law firms for social media adoption and engagement. Social media interaction in the UK and Amsterdam is also high, however, Zurich, Paris and Moscow are low with Istanbul seeing no engagement at all.

Derek Benton, director of international operations at Matindale-Hubbell said, “Registering a profile is a step in the right direction, but not doing anything with it islike renting a shop on the high street and never opening the doors. Moving from registration to broadcast and on to conversation are the steps of social media engagement – and law, just like any other sector can, and I believe, will engage for the benefit of business development.”