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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: LinkedIn floats as social networking gets serious

Preparations are underway for professional social networking site LinkedIn to become the first to go public.

Interested parties in places such as Facebook and Twitter HQs will be looking on as real market value will be associated with the sites for the first time.

Information posted on the LinkedIn blog said: "The number of shares to be offered and the price range for the offering have not yet been determined.

"A portion of the shares will be issued and sold by LinkedIn, and a portion will be sold by certain stockholders of LinkedIn."

Commenting on the news, Simon Mansell, CEO, TBG Digital, said, "Linkedin's announcement that it intends to file for an IPO comes as no surprise given Goldman Sachs recent valuation of Facebook.

"What is interesting is the news that it intends to develop and enhance its advertising services in order to allow marketers to target subscribers and users. Social media advertising has predominately been used for B2C campaigns. Linkedin's plans reflect an acceptance that social media advertising has an important role to play and could mark a greater adoption of social media advertising in the B2B arena."