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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: LinkedIn launches job seeker plugin

LinkedIn has launched its ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ plugin as the next phase of its open platform effort.

The new tool will enable job seekers to submit their LinkedIn profile for job opportunities on a potential employers website. The plugin is available to download for free, and companies have the option to add up to three questions for the applicant to complete.

Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn said, “We hope this is an important catalyst in creating economic opportunity for our members.”

Companies already using the ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ button include Netfix, Concur Subsidiary Triplt, LivingSocial and more. You can download the tool here.

In other news concerning the professional networking company, Kiss Communications revealed 19 per cent of business professionals questioned were not on LinkedIn. Simon Fryer, managing director at KISS Communications, said, “It is surprising that there are just under a fifth of business professionals who don’t enjoy the benefits of this social media network.”