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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: LinkedIn names names

If you are called Peter or Deborah you are more likely to be a company CEO, while Chips, Todds and Treys are likely to find employment in sales, according to new research released by LinkedIn.

The report also revealed a number of other insights based on analysis of LinkedIn’s enormous database, which contains information on over 100 million professionals worldwide, such as a lot of people that work in engineering have six letters in their names.

The top five names for male CEOs globally are: Peter, Bob, Jack, Bruce and Fred, while female CEOs are commonly called Deborah, Sally, Debra, Cynthia and Carolyn.

Monica Rogati, senior research scientist - analytics at LinkedIn  “It’s no secret that people often associate their title, employer and even their education as part of what defines them and their professional brand.”

“What’s interesting about this data is that we were able to discover a correlation between a professional’s name and the industry or functional area in which they work.”

LinkedIn have produced an info graphic detailing its findings further.