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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: LinkedIn tops C-level web list

LinkedIn is the place to reach Europe’s C-suite, according to the BE:Europe 2011 reoprt.

Conducted annually by IPSOS MORI, the survey revealed that LinkedIn content was viewed more regularly by the respondents than any other news or business information site.

LinkedIn is read by 43 per cent of business ‘decision makers’ in Europe, according to the report.

Ariel Eckstein, managing director, LinkedIn EMEA, says, “As more C-suite executives and business decision-makers find themselves operating in fast-changing and unpredictable markets, the ability to find the best information quickly and leverage the ever important peer-to-peer network is a competitive edge.

“The business professionals surveyed by BE:Europe are making daily strategic management decisions across everything from recruitment to procurement and this data shows that they are using LinkedIn to help make those decisions.”

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