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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Marketers no longer needed to manage social media according to EPIServer

UK businesses are hiring community managers to handle social media activity according to a survey from EPIServer.

Currently, a marketing manager is responsible for social media management in 51 per cent of the companies surveyed. However, the report indicates marketers’ time will be freed up and their focus will move away from social media management in the future.

The rise of the community manager report reveals 28 per cent of respondents already have a social media or community manager in place and 41 per cent expect to appoint one in the next year. With a large number of companies looking to recruit someone specifically to handle social media activity, it may not be surprising that 73 per cent  are running or are looking to run an online community within the next 12 months.

Maria Wasing, VP of marketing europe & sales operations, EPiServer, said, “Managing social media can be challenging and time-consuming, so it’s vital to put in place a dedicated resource, along with the right tools and platforms to ensure multiple channels can be updated and managed with ease.”


The report reveals the opinions of 250 UK marketing decision makers and is available to download here.