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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: New tool claims to seperate 'opinion leaders from opinionated'

A new tool has been launched which claims to distinguish between the "opinion leaders and the merely opinionated."

PeerIndex says it will help people realise the value of and impact of their complete social capital and will help brands to identify the genuine authorities to engage with.

PeerIndex currently indexes 1.7m of "the most salient" users on Twitter, and adds an additional 10 to 20,000 per day. Any user can add their own Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or blog profile directly and ensure that all their social content is plugged into the system to be analysed.

By engaging in the ranking process PeerIndex says that the value of every individual's authority is recognised globally by bloggers, media, brands, employers and other followers.

The company's technology emphasises that authority in one subject does not equate to authority on another. It also claims the technology  recognises that raw follower or friend counts do not stand for much it trying to understand opinion leadership.

Founded by Azeem Azhar and backed by investors including Bill Emmott (former editor in chief of The Economist) and Ab Banerjee (former CEO of Raw Communications), the company says it will provide users with the ability to be ranked and to monitor their global authority or understand their authority on any selected topic.

Azhar commented, "PeerIndex can identify from millions of users the opinion leaders from the merely opinionated."

Azhar adds: "Marketing, advertising, communications and brand-led businesses will all benefit from the reach and penetration that PeerIndex delivers. PeerIndex will encourage the development of a mutually beneficial eco-system of high value opinion makers and relevant organisations."

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