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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Omniture creates online community for its customers

Business optimisation software provider, Omniture has launched an online community designed to encourage customers to give feedback on its products and services.

The Idea Exchange will allow Omniture engineers to prioritise requests based on user feedback. This format will give customers a central communication point and keep Omniture informed about what people are saying about its brand.

Brand reputation is something marketers are finding more and more difficult to monitor. Due to the blogsphere, customers can comment anywhere. By encouraging customers to come directly to it and feedback, Omniture an Adobe company will be able to build on its relationship with them as well as monitoring its brand.

The software company says it will keep community members up-to-date on the status of features requests. Bret Error vice president and general manger, product and technology of Omniture Business Unit says, "At our annual conference, Omniture Summit, customers have the opportunity to share and vote on feature ideas and product requests. Idea Exchange builds on that collaboration and expands the opportunity for that kind of interaction all year long."