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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Panasonic hosts world’s first global in-flight Tweetathon


Panasonic Avionics Corporation has hosted the world's first ever global in-flight Tweetathon - connecting passengers across five flights, flying over five continents, in a conversation which spanned over five hours. 

The conversation, hashtagged #High5Live, allowed passengers to charter their journeys and interacted with earthbound Twitter users 35,000 feet below. Tweeters compared in-flight menus, planned itineraries and competed for the most Twitter mentions. Connected via tablets and smartphones the passengers also tweeted photos, from inside the aircraft and of the stunning views from the flight - over Greenland, Canada and the Amazon.

In total, the Tweetathon reached 650 tweets, connected with over 850,000 Twitter users in seven different languages, resulting in almost 4 million impressions.

David Bruner, Panasonic’s vice president of global communications, said: “In-flight Wi-Fi has come of age, and our global Tweetathon demonstrates what is possible. This marks a tipping point in global communications where almost anything that can be done online on the ground is now possible in-flight.”