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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Pinterest reinstates features following user criticism

Pinterest has brought back an array of features, including mentions, see it now, find friends and pinned from, after the social network faced a backlash of criticism regarding its new site design which was rolled out in March.

Pinterests corporate blog states “Stuff we’ve brought back. Hooray!”  These features include:

See it now: After pinning, users can check out related boards or go straight to the pin by clicking “See it now.”

Pinned from: When users click on a pin, they can see who it was pinned from.

Mentions: Users can mention friends in pin descriptions and comments by typing “@” before their name.

Find friends: Users can see their Facebook and Twitter friends on Pinterest.

In addition to reinstating several older features, Pinterest has also made improvements, such as more notifications which allows users to see older notifications, better search suggests keywords as you type and new pins which will let users know when new pins have been added to their news feeds.

Cory Carpenter, product manager at Pinterest, said: “We know there are other things you’d like to see on Pinterest—like the ability to rearrange your pins, search for your pins, know when you’ve pinned something already, or create a board within a board.

“We take these suggestions to heart, but it’s tricky to make them work for everyone. Some people don’t have a lot of pins, for example, so they don’t need boards within boards. We’re listening, though, and we’ll keep looking for ways to organize your stuff on Pinterest.”