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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Reckitt Benckiser targets graduates with fun games

Reckitt Benckiser, manufacturer of healthcare, personal care and household products, has launched a series of mini games in an attempt to engage with graduates and early career-seekers.

Created in partnership with creative agencies The Workroom and TAMBA, crazieRBrands is a suite of eight short viral games that allow users to play on the company’s website (hyperlink) and via iPhone and Android phone apps. Reckitt Benckiser believes that it will successfully target the 70 per cent of graduates who own a smartphone and the 81 per cent using them to play mobile games on a weekly basis.

Each mini game has been designed to push the company’s eight ‘power brands’. The games include:
• Cut the Mustard: French’s Mustard
• Down the Pan: Harpic
• Hit the Spot: Durex
• Face Invaders: Clearasil
• It’s a Gas: Air Wick
• Kitchen Chaos: Dettol/Lysol
• Smooth Operator: Veet
• Splat Attack: Vanish

Claudia Bach, marketing & PR manager at Reckitt Benckiser, commented, “Game playing brings out people’s competitive spirits, and these are just the sort of people who would fit in at Reckitt Benckiser. We believe these mini-games will put Reckitt Benckiser top of mind amongst early careers people.”