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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Sage goes digital on LinkedIn

Software and services provider, Sage has partnered with professional networking site, LinkedIn for its digital ‘Business Brains' campaign.

The campaign, which is aimed at Sage's staff and customers and prospects in industries seeking payroll, business intelligence and customer relationship software, focuses on identifying and exploring the qualities that makes people in business likely to succeed.

Sage intends to promote this digitally by sponsoring and placing ads on LinkedIn's ‘Startups and Small Business Answers' section. "This campaign goes far beyond traditional display advertising, by unlocking the potential of the LinkedIn network we can engage directly with our key audiences in a much more targeted, relevant and engaging way," says Joanna Elliott, head of branding at Sage.

The partnership will also see LinkedIn drive traffic to Sage's interactive website The portal features video interviews with ‘Business Brains' including Simon Woodroffe, founder of Yo! Sushi and business psychologist, Rebekah Fensome. It will also have mental agility tests for businesses to test their IQ and news and features from ‘The Krypton Factor', a game show on ITV that Sage has revived through funding.

"With this integrated approach, Sage demonstrates how brands can effectively tap in to social media to engage with a targeted audience," comments Henry Clifford-Jones, director of media sales for LinkedIn Europe. "Plus, the campaign offers our members the chance to gain extra knowledge as well as instilling a bit of healthy competition amongst our business network."

The website and 'The Krypton Factor' are part of the Business Brains campaign that is utilising multiple media platforms, also including regional consumer roadshows and YouGov research for its marketing.


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