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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Salesforce team up with Telegraph Group to spark general election debate is teaming up with the Telegraph Media Group, publishers of The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph and to launch Debate2010, the UK's largest online debate and discussion forum for the forthcoming general election.

Salesforce says that Debate2010 is the first crowd-sourcing site in the UK to report national opinion in real-time and is designed to facilitate debate in the run up to the general election.

Members of the public will be able to debate topics, post ideas, vote and comment on the issues that most concern them.  Debate2010 will run until polling day and will highlight areas such as healthcare, education, crime, the economy and foreign affairs.

The site was developed using Salesforce Ideas, a crowd-sourcing application delivered in the cloud, and enables users to vote on policies and debate topics.

Using a voting system will push the most popular ideas to the surface allowing to offer a clear overview of what the public really thinks of the key political issues.

Issues that appear high on the agenda will form the basis of a UK Citizens Briefing Book to MPs and political parties - a compilation of the ideas submitted by the Debate2010 community, which will outline the UK's opinion on key priorities. utilises the same groundbreaking technology that the Obama-Biden Transition team used to conduct a successful crowd-sourcing project in the U.S.

Marcus Warren, editor, said, "Our partnership with gives our readers a truly exciting and innovative way of engaging with the real issues. Social media will be a central theme of the 2010 Election. There will be no better tool to map public opinion in the weeks ahead."

Dr. Steve Garnett, chairman of EMEA,, added, "By teaming up with Telegraph Media Group to create Debate2010, we are inviting the UK's population to have a say. This fantastic example of how cloud computing can translate into the public sector provides a wake up call for politicians. Engaging in interactive, online discussions is the future of politics."

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