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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Salesforce's Chatter proves popular with marketers

Cloud computing company has announced over 10,000 of its customers have adopted its social media platform Chatter in the first week of its general release.

Salesforce claim the high-demand for its platform indicates marketers want more apps that incorporate social media, mobile and real-time features.

Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of, said, "We've never seen this kind of excitement around a product release before. The rapid adoption of Chatter is simply amazing."

Chatter is a cloud-based social collaboration application that allows companies to work together in real-time through profiles, feeds and status updates. It allows employees to follow and receive information on people, documents, business processes and data.

Chatter user Matthew Schafer, founding partner of Sequoia Wealth Management Group said, "The market demands of today mean that our competitive advance lies in our ability to arm employees and teams with accurate, real-time information. The combination of Chatter's social networking features and real-time access via the iPhone app are invaluable."