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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: SAS and UberVU offer new analytics tools

Social media analytics company UberVU has made its services available for marketers of SMEs who are on the go.

The company has released an iPhone and Google social media monitoring app for marketers to search and read what is being said about their company.  This first release does not enable marketers to reply to mentions straight from their phones although UberVU are hoping to add this function in the future.

The iPhone app is free and available to everyone, where as the Google app is only available to paying customers of UberVU.

Vladimir Oane, CEO of UberVU said, "People talk about your company 24/7 whether you're listening or not. Our iPhone App allows companies to be on top of things wherever they are."

In other social media news, business software company SAS has released a tool with the ability to analyse more than two years of social media conversations. It is aimed at medium and large companies and is designed to forecast the future volume of social media conversations about a brand.