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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Satmetrix launches new social media monitoring tool

Software company Satmetrix has announced the launch of its new social media measurement solution, SparkScore.

The new tool measures social media sentiment by identifying ‘detractors’, ‘passives’ and ‘promoters’ of a brand. SparkScore is said to enable businesses to gauge fluid and unstructured comments and opinions made about brands online using Net Promoter.

Richard Owen, chief executive officer, Satmetrix, said, “In the absence of an effective way of making business sense of social media content, businesses have been limited to simply counting tweets, likes, follows or other vendor-specific score methodologies that don’t have the proven linkage to growth.

“SparkScore, our breakthrough social media Net Promoter Score, will change the game. Companies will be able to understand the sentiment of what is being said about their brands online, connect it to measurable business results and bring it to the board room.”