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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Smartfocus tool tracks your social networking 'champions'

Marketing software company Smartfocus has launched a new solution that will be able to measure the value of customers who ‘champion' a brand online.

It says that its social networking marketing solution will allow marketers to measure online behaviour through the viral process of social networking and shift targeting away from the individual and towards the individual and their social network across sites including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Smartfocus says that by quantifying the value of a customer as a ‘social advocate' whose online behaviour has helped acquire, retain and affect other customers, marketers will be able to optimise their approach to social network marketing, increase revenue and reward advocates.

Chris Underhill, CEO of Smartfocus said that despite the increased use of social networks to seed campaigns the ability to understand the monetary value of campaigns has remained limited, "Marketers will now be able to connect the communication with the reaction and social champions will be treated like VIPs.

"Marketers recognize the impact of social networks and the perceived value they bring their business, but the majority don't have the capability to identify advocates, influence behaviour and monetize their costs effectively."