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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: SME Discounts is the latest addition to the B2B group buying market

SME Discounts has launched to give group buying website Huddlebuy some competition.

Branding itself as ‘the Groupon of B2B SMEs,’ SME Discounts is designed to help new and small businesses start up and grow. Set up by Andries Smit, an ex Morgan Stanley and PwC accountant, the group buying site is being marketed to potential customers and suppliers.

Customers get discounted deals on marketing, operations, IT and finance based products and services, while suppliers are given the incentive of ‘attracting several new clients in a short space of time with no upfront marketing or customer acquisition costs.’

Smit said, “It’s difficult enough to start and grow a new business as it is, without the added recession. SME Discounts aim to make it at least cheaper and faster. If SME’s can cut their costs between 40 and 90 per cent, and simultaneously have a way to attract new customers without any upfront marketing costs, it will go a long way to help kick-start SME’s and the economy.”

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