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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Social media hall of fame recognises tweeting tree


 Sony Ericsson's tweeting tree


PR and social media agency Umpf has released a social media hall of fame featuring 54 brands including Nike, Sony Erikson and Ford.

The idea behind the hall of fame was to illustrate to companies what it is possible to achieve using social media.

Despite B2B being slow on the uptake of social media a few campaigns made it on to the list. A '€˜Twittering tree' launched by Sony Ericsson, for the Mobile World Congress show earlier this year, and a division of the US department of defense DARPA's (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) '€˜I spy a red balloon'. It hid 10 eight foot balloons across America and encouraged people to use Facebook and email to report sightings.

Adrian Johnson, Umpf owner said the list was subjective and has no formal points system they just wanted to highlight clever and interesting ideas. He said, "At the heart of any great marketing campaign you'll typically find a brilliant idea - each of the campaigns in our Hall of Fame exhibits that trait, helping generate brand buzz, conversations, interaction and engagement."