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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Social media monitoring gets clever

Interactive marketing services provider Acxiom, has launched a social media monitoring tool that assess the importance of the customer in the social sphere, allowing marketers to create targeted campaigns.

Unlike other monitoring tools the Relevance-X Social does not start by looking at what is being said about a brand, it uncovers details about the customer such as how much influence they have based on their level of involvement across social media.

Acxiom claims its tool provides ‘social intelligence' and can ensure the highest ROI for social media marketing activity. Steven Plimsoll, VP for multi channel marketing services Europe at Acxiom says, "with marketing budgets still tight, CMOs need a better understanding of their customers' social footprint, so they can make the best use of these tools. Only then can they increase their brand's influence and reduce the cost of acquiring new customers by utilising existing customers' networks."

The software can be used throughout the execution of the campaign as it works in three stages.

  • Phase one sets objectives and targeting criteria for the campaign by boosting current customer information with ‘social intelligence'.
  • Phase two involves campaign design and development including measurement plans.
  • Phase three is the launch of the campaign including measuring impact, analysing and leveraging results to improve future campaigns.

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