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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Social media site for businesses offers more

The networking site for media professionals, Fixedia, has expanded to include a platform for online networking and recruitment.

Fixedia Unlimited is designed to be a platform for advertisers, sponsors and ad fund partners to network with publishers and content producers. It differs from the standard Fixedia networking site as the Unlimited platform allows members to conduct research and recruit professionals within the network.

The new platform comes only a month after the specialist networking site was launched. Fixedia is attempting to set itself apart from other business networking sites with its link to upcoming online marketing solutions site Fixfeeder.

The sister site is designed for businesses to target their press releases and Twitter updates to media professionals globally. Fixedia has attracted professionals from over 130 countries with the USA and Europe currently drawing the most users.

Suki Johal managing director of Fixedia says, "The concept of Fixedia is to connect individuals and companies in different parts of the world working in diverse, yet interconnected media industries. The feedback so far has been extremely positive."

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