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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Stock photo agency launches Facebook page

Online stock photo agency, which is owned by Deutsche Telekom, has launched its own Facebook fan page to give amateur and professional photographers and artists a forum to collaborate online.

People downloading stock photos or buy royalty free illustrations online will also be able to read expert tips at the site and at Polylooks' microstock photography blog.
The Polylooks International fan page will contain blogs, features, microstocking best practice advice and interviews, designed to allow  contributors and purchasers of stock photos and illustrations to make the most of microstocking.

The English-language site follows the recent launch of the company's Facebook fan page in its home country of Germany.
"The market for stock photography is growing rapidly, driven by increasing demand from publishers for high quality, cost effective royalty free photos and illustrations for use in blogs, corporate sites and magazines," said Carmen Jones, Polylooks International's Facebook fan page editor.

"I encourage anyone who's passionate about photography and digital art and wants to either sell their work or buy photos or download illustrations from others to join the group and get involved in the microstock community."

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