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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Surprising results from LinkedIn survey

Forty-two per cent of people will accept LinkedIn invitations from anyone that approaches them, according to research put together by KISS Communications.

The findings seem to go against the reasons LinkedIn was initially set up; to firm up online connectedness following the establishment of ‘real-life’ trusted relationships.

Further findings from the survey found 20% would not connect with their friends on LinkedIn, 17% would not accept invitations from service providers and an unusually high 28% would not connect with people they met at networking events.

Richard Bland, director at KISS Communications, said, “Avoiding connecting with clients seems very short sighted and potentially could be a whole new area that a business could be tapping into.

“If a client gives a business or an individual a positive recommendation it will be seen by hundreds, if not thousands of professionals.  It’s the sort of PR that many organisations would pay handsomely for.”

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