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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: TBG Digital says Facebook is valid in B2B

More statistics have been revealed today that indicate Facebook is still putting up a fight to be considered relevant for B2B marketing.

Marketing and technology company, TBG Digital, has analysed 200 billion impressions from 167 clients to put together a study on global advertising on Facebook. Highlights from the report include 435 per cent improvement in campaign conversion rates when targeting existing fans, and brand campaigns on Facebook grew by 104 per cent quarter on quarter.

Data also highlighted that one of the top five areas of growth was the business and industrial sector, the report suggests this highlights the fact Facebook is ‘fast becoming a valid B2B marketing channel’.

News yesterday, from The Social Media Leaders tracking study by digital agency The Group, revealed Facebook take-up among FTSE 100 companies has increased by over 50 per cent in the last six months.

The TBG Digital report covers online activity taking place during Q2 2011and can be downloaded here

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