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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Tibco launches enterprise social media platform Tibbr

Software company Tibco has announced the launch of its workplace social media platform Tibbr.

Designed specifically for enterprise use, Tibbr allows employees to interact with each other and follow information generated by their IT systems. The platform is designed to make life easier for employees by enabling them to create, contribute or subscribe to the real-time event streams that interest them the most.

Tibbr is available on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Ipad and users can also subscribe to feeds from external platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Alerts.
Ram Menon, executive vice president at Tibco said, "Tibbr allows social computing to finally get down to business. Its unique approach turns the entire business social, supercharging productivity throughout the workforce, not just the sales force."

Tibco is holding a demonstration event, which will feature a real-life case study from existing client Ciber, in London on February 1. PR also activity launched on January 24.