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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Top execs tweeting the most

Twitter is overtaking LinkedIn and Facebook as the most popular social media platform for marketing professionals in senior level roles at large companies.

This is according to a poll in May 2009 by 3960 LinkedIn users where five social media platforms – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, iPhone and Digg – were rated according to which new platform would be the most important for brands to master. Most of the participants were in marketing roles, followed by sales, consulting, creative, engineering and business development.

From the poll, it emerged that the most interested group in Twitter are from large (34 per cent), medium (32 per cent) and small companies (29 per cent). However, Facebook still has a definite hold in enterprises where its interest is the highest at 36 per cent. LinkedIn is the most popular in medium (26 per cent) and small (25 per cent) businesses.

At a job function level, business owners (38 per cent), C-level and VP (33 per cent) and management (30 per cent) showed the most enthusiasm for Twitter before Facebook, LinkedIn and then the iPhone.  

Of the marketers surveyed, thirty seven per cent showed the most interest in investing time in Twitter, ahead of Facebook (29 per cent), LinkedIn and iPhone (16 per cent) and Digg (2 per cent).

Contrary to expectations over Twitter and its popularity among younger generation, the poll found that the platform was popular across age groups from 18-55 plus. However it was especially used by 18-24 year olds (24 per cent) and 35-54 year olds (41 per cent). LinkedIn was the most popular in the 55+ age group while the iPhone (20 per cent) and Facebook (30 per cent) was dominated by 25-34 year olds.    

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