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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Twitter is hit or miss with technology marketers

Technology marketers cannot decide whether they love or loathe Twitter, it has been revealed in a recent survey.

The results showed marketers could not agree on whether the micro blogging site was vain or a useful part of their digital strategy.

Nearly 40 per cent of respondents didn't consider Twitter to be a valuable marketing tool while just over 45 per cent believed it would become a key part of all companies' communication strategies.

The survey also highlighted many marketers are just dipping their toes in the social media waters and not willing to invest fully - half of professionals who use Twitter do not have a corporate policy in place.

Further comments from respondants included: "Twitter is possibly the most narcissistic tool yet developed", "I've been blown away by the effect of Twitter. We've only used it a short time, but the effect has been outstanding" and "I use it much less than my younger colleagues. This is definitely a generational thing."

Laura Mead, account director at PR company Johnson King, which conducted the survey, said, "The mixed feedback could be a result of the tool's relative infancy, with some yet to discover its relevance for their particular organisation."