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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Twitter hosts comedy show

The first Twitter-powered comedy show, ‘140 Characters’, has been launched by The School of Communication Arts, The Comedy Store and Nice Agency.

Hosted by Dave Birss, founder of marketing training company Additive, the show features top comedians from The Comedy Store, including Neil Mullarkey.

Nice has created the technology that allows audience participation, talking about how it works, Dave Birss said, “The app itself was produced with cross functionality in mind to reach the greatest audience numbers possible, and we’re looking forward to seeing the results in this evening’s airing.”

Peter Dolukanhov, joint managing director of Nice Agency, commented, “The spontaneity of improvisational comedy lends itself brilliantly to a medium like Twitter. This is a fascinating experiment in how traditional media integrates with new modes of engagement such as Twitter, and enables the entire audience to participate in real time.”

The first edition of ‘140 Characters’ is being broadcast live tonight from 7-9.30pm.