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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Twitter mentions correlate with high stock prices

Stock prices move with Twitter mentions according to a research study released by bazaarvoice.

The Conversation Index Volume 5 revealed high Twitter volume tended to coincide with a high closing price. However Twitter mentions declined as stocks fell.

The study also found peaks in Twitter brand mentions had no impact, positive or negative, in search interest, similarly, unpaid brand mentions like new pieces didn’t drive search activity.

As part of The Conversation Index Volume 5, Bazaarvoice analysed 26 million tweets and compared it with over 8000 TV and radio mentions, 17 months of stock price data and Google search data.

Brett Hurt, founder and CEO of Bazaarvoice, said, "As social content and data expands, so does the scope of our knowledge about how it both influences and mirrors activity across the digital and physical worlds. Sharing these insights with our clients and the industry is the driving force behind The Conversation Index."