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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Volume introduces new company-driven social media mapping tool

Digital hybrid agency Volume has unveiled a new social-media-mapping tool, designed to help companies monitor their social media landscape.

Named SociView, it is designed to collate a company’s social media accounts into a single dashboard and to individually categorise, rank and rate to show their relevance and impact on the brand.

The new tool enables companies to organise their social media presence, to measure their performances, as well as to interact with their customers.

Commenting on the launch, Chris Sykes, chief executive at Volume, said “The concept of SociView is simple: just ask yourself how many social media accounts your company has. Where are they, who owns them and how effective are they? Are they representative of your brand and do they have a positive or negative influence? SociView answers all these questions.”

SociView features a custom-developed tool, Sociscore which enable companies to benchmark their social accounts against each other to establish best practice, compliance and corporate governance.

Sykes added, “Listening tools are essential in today’s digital environment, but they are a little like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. With SociView, you know every horse in your stable and can train them to perform as you’d expect them to perform.”