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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Xing lets members ‘like’

Business networking site Xing has updated its offering to allow members to comment on status updates and ‘like’ content.

The site, comprising over 10 million members, hopes the new addition called, ‘What’s new in your network’ will “intensify business networking and make it even more tangible than before.” 

Members will be able to comment on any activity they or their contacts have posted and each user’s homepage will contain a summary of the topics currently being discussed.

The new functionality draws a similarity to consumer focused networking sites such as Facebook. With the launch of the LinkedIn ‘like’ button in June last year and the latest advancements from Xing, business networks seem to be taking their lead from popular consumer sites.

Xing has also launched the alpha version of a mobile web app and its revamped app for Android smartphones.

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