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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: YouTube makes social media traffic gains

The growing power of video has been underpinned by research from Experian Hitwise, which highlights YouTube accounting for 20 per cent of all visits to social media sites in the UK in April.

The video sharing site was second to Facebook (54 per cent) in the overall list but easily bettered third place Twitter’s 2.89 per cent share.

The same report also revealed further reason for Google celebration, as it sees its monthly share of UK search traffic increase by 0.89 per cent to almost 91 per cent of all searches.

Robin Goad, Experian Hitwise's research director, says, “After gains for Bing in March, the search barometer has swung back in Google's favour, nearly returning to a 91% market share of search.

"If you look at the year-on-year trends, you can see that Microsoft is slowly eroding Google's grip on the UK search market, but as the April data shows, the gains for Microsoft at the moment are relatively small, and easily lost."