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SOCIAL MEDIA: 'Revolutionary' social media tool 'understands sentiment'

Autonomy Corporation has announced the launch of a ‘revolutionary' social media analysis tool which will allow companies to listen to the most important online conversations. 

The web content management firm claim the new software ‘Autonomy Interwoven' uses an Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) to automatically listen to social media content and analyse the dialogue.

Its creators claim it will be the first such tool to understand human sentiment, enabling marketers to act instantly.

An Autonomy spokesperson explained how the system "provides proven clustering, pattern matching techniques, and probabilistic modelling that treats words as symbols of meaning rather than simple data points, yielding a more contextual set of data for marketers to act upon."

"The Web Content Management solution also provides powerful capabilities for engaging customers in a dialogue and enables marketers to instantly act upon the meaning and insights gathered by IDOL, to deliver compelling, targeted offers."

Autonomy suggest that traditional keyword spotting solutions fail to truly understand specific meanings in user-generated content, as language is often more conversational and rife with slang and emotional undertones.

The company has used the same meaning based computing technology that is used by the world's largest corporations and government institutions to create the system.

"In the past few years marketers have struggled to keep pace with the radical shifts taking place in the buyer landscape," says Anthony Bettencourt, CEO of Autonomy Interwoven. "Social networks which by nature are dynamic, unstructured forms of information do not fit neatly into traditional, database driven analytics systems."


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