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SOCIAL NEWS: 89% of employers fill positions via LinkedIn

A staggering 89 per cent of employers have filled a job position via LinkedIn since it's launch ten years ago, according to a Masters in Human Resources recent infographic “LinkedIn revolutionizing the world of recruiting”. 

A whopping 77 per cent of all job openings are advertised on LinkedIn, 48 per cent of recruiters only post job adverts on LinkedIn and 73 per cent of recruiters filled a role via social networking sites in 2012 alone.

Meanwhile, a report by ROI Research revealed 59 per cent of users believe LinkedIn is their most important account on social networks.

This is due to its capacity to initiate and forge professional and career-progressing connections, not only within organisations but the user’s industry and wider periphery has consolidated its place at the top of the chain.

Trevor Connell, managing director at Siemens Enterprise Communications, said: “With the need for employees to do their jobs on the move, LinkedIn now allows mobile workers to post activity updates and the ability to share interesting articles enabling teams to communicate and expand their knowledge without physically needing to be in the same office. This encourages both personal and professional collaboration.”


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