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SOCIAL NEWS: B2B brands don’t know how to use social

Two in three business people want a social relationship with B2B brands, yet 70 per cent of professionals don’t think B2B brands know how to communicate with them via social media, according to new research by Maxus for Business.

In addition, 86 per cent of respondents want B2B brands to inform them about news on the company, while 79 per cent wanted to hear about promotions and 70 per cent wanted to be kept up-to-date with insights.

Meanwhile, 44 per cent of business professionals want to read new articles online and 20 per cent want ‘how-to’ guides. However, only eight per cent want to watch videos, seven per cent want whitepapers and just six per cent want to hear about webinars.

The research also revealed evenings and first thing in the working day are the most effective times to communicate with business buyers via social media. Only 14 per cent of those surveyed wanted to be communicated at lunch time, 16 per cent in the afternoon and 14 per cent before work.

Furthermore, only 17 per cent of business people consider Twitter the most appropriate medium for B2B communications. However, LinkedIn was the most trusted and preferred network for B2B communications.

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