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SOCIAL NEWS: Facebook streamlines ads & revamps Home

Facebook has updated its Android App, enhanced Facebook Home and announced it will streamline its ad offerings.

In an effort to make its ad units friendlier to marketers, Facebook has announced it will streamline its advertising options from 27 to roughly 13.

The social network plans to remove offers for online deals, but keep offers for offline deals and add social information such as likes and comments to sponsored stories.

Brian Boland, director of monetisation product marketing at Facebook, said: "Advertisers can still target who they want to target but be able to do that in a way that's easier, more aligned to their objectives and more measurable."

Meanwhile Facebook has enhanced Home and updated its Android App.

Home now has a dock, making it easier for users to access apps and the network has plans to add folders in order to group apps.

Changes to the Android app include the ability to send multiple photos in a single message and the ability to change who can view a post you’ve already shared.